As a full service real estate company South Florida Real Estate Connection takes pride in helping our clients make the most of their transition from buying, selling and renting homes. We help achieve this by offering  coordination services in all areas of your home needs to make your buying, selling, renting process as stress free as possible. We know that not only buying, selling or renting a home is stressful and hiring quality contractors and handyman just adds to the stress and  is very difficult as well.  We work with variety of great trades men and craftsmen that proven their skill set.

  • Property Management – We can maintain all aspects of your home and keep up with all maintenance and collect rent money if need be.
  • Movers – We get 3 bids on quality licensed and insured movers and set up time and date for the move and a team member will be there while the moving is taking place to insure a quality job.
  • Repairs – We get 3 bid with licensed and insured companies to do all repair work from all the trades (a/c, electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall etc.) and we will be there to supervise and coordinate all repairs and make sure they are done right the first time.
  • Renovations – With renovation, we get 3 bid from quality craftsman that we have great relationships with that give us the lowest and best deals on quality workmanship and give you top notch results.

Through good relationships we have acquired over our years of experience. We do not turn away any request. We want to ensure that our clients can count on us for their wants and needs to help make sure they are happy in their real estate endeavors.