Supreior Property Management with Long Term Goal.

We'll lease property from you on a long-term basis and handle all espects of managing it. From showing and leasind to rant collection and maintenance as a member of NARPM, You can relay on our experties. We manage single family home. multi family properties, and commercial properties. After all we are landlords too. Your property will be managed along with ours.

We Work with Investors.

We work with investors every dar. Some houses we keep and re-sell. Have extra cash? We can put your cash to work and offer you great return and monthly cash flow that is far superior  to stock market. We are members of several REIAs. We understand the business and we can help you make good and profitable deals. Join our mailing list. As a bonus, We offer investors flat fee MLS Listings.

We Solve problems. Foreclosure Help/Short sales/Divorce/Probate.

Are you in foreclosure? probate? devorce? upside-down or behind your on your martgage payments? We can help and create win-win customzed solution to your problem! Contact us today!

We Buy Commercial Property, Office Buildings, Apartments, Hotels, Land and investment Properties

We love real estate. We buy real estate even if it's ugly and needs work. With hundreds completed transections, we can easily help you with your real estate transactions . We can offer you beneficial terms of Pay Cash or will entertain owner finacing. Every situation is unique and we are here to help and work with you, Trust me you want to have us on your side!